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Who we are

The Solar PV Professional Company is one line introduction for Enhanced Electronics. We are one of the pioneer company in revolutionizing the solar PV applications in various industries in innovative way. Incorporated in 2011, the company possess 1 Million Man-hour of Working Experience of Solar Energy Excellence. Enhanced Electronics works with the leading companies in India for their solar energy needs. Enhanced Electronics have team for execution of project, having expertise in the field of state of art Designs, Procurement from global supplier, highly skilled erection service, Project Management, Operation and Maintenance, Banking, Insurance, legal and due diligence.


Growth Path

Easy access to Energy for every human being

Enhanced Electronics envisions to create easiest, cost effective, fastest, secure and accessible way for people to get energy. We believe the Energy is one of the basic need of society and the fuel of the progress of society. We believe everyone in society must have security of energy as food and water. We believe the growth of the nation as whole reflects the access to energy for the very last person of the system.

Power Executives

Enhanced Electronics has the right mixture of experience and young talent for successful execution of the business processes. We popularly call our employee "Power Executive" to serve your power needs through Solar Energy. another one coming.

We have following departments in our company for Business Operations.

  • Solar energy analysis Team
  • Power Plant Designing Team
  • Procurement and Construction team
  • After Sales service Team
  • Market awareness Team
  • Operational Management Team
  • Government licensing Team
  • Financial and Legal analyst Team

Moreover that we have a group of associates with our company working with us for spreading awareness of solar energy in market.

Solar Home

Home protects us from all the adversities of the nature and nourishes our family and loved ones. We all want our home to be safest place against all the odds. So make your home safe against frequent power cuts and price rise in the electricity.

We at Enhanced Electronics Believes the solar power plant completes your home making it energy independent and secure. We Design Power Plant according to your varying energy consumption pattern let it be multiple air conditioners or simple lighting system. We take care in designs that your family feels most comfortable with energy security. We incorporate most stable storage system to power up the home. Our system operates in following work patterns.

  1. Solar-Grid-Battery-Grid
  2. Solar-Battery-Grid-Battery

Please call our Power Executive to get customised quote for your home

Read FAQ for further knowledge about solar power plant

Solar Factory

Electricity is a most critical raw material for any industry, the cheaper the electricity, cheaper the product and more profitability and with fastest payback of around 5 years and longest serving life of 25 years solar energy is cheapest and most reliable source of electricity. The energy need for industry is very different as its vital part of day to day operations which varies from sensitive load to heavy consumption load.

Enhanced Electronics team has right solution for your industry with proper designing which takes care of your open and different types of roofs, surge power, critical load and proper accounting of energy. Enhanced Electronics Provides the Best Quality of Design, Engineering, Installation and O&M Services. The Enhanced Electronics has the best quality Material suppliers from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Israel and Spain.

The Power Plants are customised in such a way that maximizes the Return on Investment, giving the Payback as low as 5 years or less. The Operation and Maintenance of the Power plant has been reduced at the Design level, giving you the self-operated and lowest maintenance requirement so there are no significant recurring expenditures, and Handing over the assets for over two decades to completely enjoy your multi-fold returns after your payback period finishes.

Please get in touch with our power executive to get the technical and commercial offer for your industry.

Solar Lease / Zero Investment Plant

Experience the all new solar PPA from Enhanced Electronics

Get the solar Power Plant without any upfront investment and pay as you use the electricity. Solar Lease is ideal for the people, who wants to get solar power plant and use green energy but the upfront investment limits their dream of solar Power. Now No more compromising for using solar power plant. Enhanced Electronics brings you the opportunity to get the solar power plant and use the energy without any upfront investment making the plant affordable to you.

Lets see how this model will work

You will,

  1. Provide the space for installation of power plant
  2. Use the Electricity and Pay for what you use

We will,

  1. Invest, install, operate and maintain Power Plant at your space
  2. Provide you solar electricity at Discounted rate
  3. Maintain the Insurance

Your Benefits

  1. Zero Upfront Capital investment
  2. Discounted rate of Electricity, so start saving money from day one
  3. Insurance will be maintained by us
  4. Power plant monitoring system will be provided you to free of cost
  5. Option of owning solar power plant after 12 years
  6. Get Premium service, No hassle of any breakdown, cleaning or maintenance

Solar Investment

High return on Investment, constant and stable income, safest return and long term asset running easily for more than 25 years, the all in one package for right investment. Enhanced Electronics Provides you all due diligence service to set up solar power Plant, own the asset and earn out of it. Enhanced Electronics facilitates from PPA to lease agreement and all other legal and financial due diligences. Enhanced Electronics also helps investor to avail low cost finance from Indian and overseas banks.

The services provided by Enhanced Electronics

  1. Selection of Project for Investment
  2. Techno-commercial feasibility study
  3. Debt finance raising
  4. Site Lease Agreement
  5. All statutory clearances
  6. Power Purchase Agreement signing
  7. Technical services including Design, Installation and Commissioning
  8. Operation and Maintenance
  9. End of life service

To invest in solar Please contact our Power Executive


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